Burlington (December 11, 2019) – Tech Vault, a leading provider of secure data center and cloud solutions in the Northeast, announced today that it has been selected by RCMtoGO to provide data center infrastructure services for its healthcare application hosting services.

Recently, IBM announced the sunsetting of several AIX pSeries servers.  This has left many Centricity® Group Management (“CGM”) practice management system clients with a budgetary need to re-invest in new hardware.  AIX and CGM both require a higher degree of expertise to offer a viable, cost-effective virtualized solution to clients.

“With today’s modern technology, we felt there should be a modern cloud solution to serve CGM clients for the future.  Our sister company, KPG Revenue Cycle Management has been providing consulting solutions to CGM clients using AIX for many years.  With the addition of Tech Vault for hosting our new, virtualized IBM System pSeries 9 server, we are able to offer an affordable hosted solution and to also utilize our extensive expertise to include operational and management support of both the AIX system and the CGM application.”, said George Puziak, CEO of RCMtoGO.

Customers of RCMtoGO can also tailor their hosting and backup needs through consulting, training, workflow redesign, reporting and other operational services through KPG and other partners.  RCMtoGO operates as a seamless extension of your team providing you maximum access and support specific to your organizational needs.   “I’ve worked with Tech Vault for many years.  Their experience, reputation and comprehensive suite of services allow us to manage our clients’ resources and to provide greater flexibility to support our own tailored hosting offerings.” said Dan Brisson, VP Operations for RCMtoGO.

“RCMtoGO is a very smart, progressive organization with a strong focus on how technology can help them better serve their healthcare customers and grow their business,” said Tech Vault’s Chief Operating Officer John West. “We’re proud to count them among the organizations that have turned to Tech Vault to help them on their journey to IT transformation.”

About Tech Vault
Tech Vault’s impressive customer list includes some of the Region’s largest government, financial, health care and high-tech companies. With APC in-row liquid cooling units, Tech Vault is extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Tech Vault’s solutions not only support traditional collocation requirements but have the flexibility to accommodate future Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments, supporting new applications as business needs evolve.

About RCMtoGO

RCMtoGO brings a combined 120 years of expertise in Revenue Cycle Management operations, utilization of the Centricity® Group Management (“CGM”) software solution, and all the associated technologies including AIX, Windows, and Windows SQL server.   RCMtoGO Hosting services are HIPAA compliant and includes the following:

  • AIX Cloud Services (IBM System pSeries)
  • VPN Connectivity to RCMtoGO Cloud
  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Ongoing Performance Assessments
  • Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Supplemental Services thru System, Product, and Industry Expertise

For more information, please visit www.rcmtogo.com or email us at info@rcmtogo.com.