IBM pSeries Sunsetting





Why RCMtoGO?

IBM pSeries Sunsetting

How do I know if my pSeries server has been sunset?

If you’re on a server that is older than a Power8 (for example Power5 (P5), P6, P7) most likely your server has been sunset by IBM is probably not eligible for hardware & software support.

Why should I replace my pSeries server?

Group Management Support recommends replacing your server every 3-5 years to assure stability of the server and to ensure you can install all firmware and AIX upgrades, as well as security patches.

If I have an older server, can I still run the latest version of Group Management?

Possibly not. GM version 5.5 requires AIX 7.1 or higher.  Older servers can run AIX 7.1, but if the server isn’t on maintenance you won’t be able to download the software.

Can you help me determine if my pSeries has been sunset?

Yes! Please call us and we will be happy to walk you through determining that.

What if my pSeries has been sunset and I have a hardware problem?

You may still be able to get service from IBM, but it typically entails a large upfront payment before they will provide service.


I’m interested in becoming an RCMtoGO customer, can you tell me how you will migrate my data from my server to your server?

We will work with you to establish a VPN tunnel from our datacenter to your site. Once the VPN is up, we will work with you and Athena Support to coordinate the necessary migration steps.

How long does it usually take for me to go-live on your server?

This is dependent on many variables, but by leveraging our strong relationship with athenahealth, in a matter of days we can have a base aIDX-GM environment built that you can login and test, once we establish a VPN. From there, it will depend on scheduling the official migration with athenahealth Support.

Who performs the actual data migration?

RCMtoGO staff will be with you through every step of this process, but the actual migration will be performed by athenahealth support. This will require purchasing migration services from athenahealth, similar to a standard server migration you may have done in the past.


What can I do to prepare?

Establishing the VPN is a critical first step, so it would be good to engage your network resource as soon as possible so they are aware and ready to build the tunnel.


Is it possible to get a quote so I have an idea of what this will cost?

Certainly! We would be happy to setup a phone call where we can discuss your exact aIDX-GM needs.  This will allow us to provide you with a quote tailored to your specific situation.


Is it secure for me to access aIDX-GM over the Internet?

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is established between our datacenter and your site encrypts all of your data using HIPAA compliant encryption methods that ensure all of your data is kept private while in transit.

What about my printers? Will they still work?

Yes, printers will work exactly like they do now. The VPN allows for the network at your location to be directly accessible from the RCMtoGO network, enabling your aIDX-GM server to communicate directly with your printers.

Will the way that I access aIDX-GM change?

Whatever method you’re using today will continue to work.

I have interfaces to 3rd party servers, will they still work?

Yes, we will just need to establish network connectivity to those 3rd party servers through the VPN that will be in place to your site.

I have Analyzer, or another aIDX-GM add-on product. Will they still work if I host aIDX-GM with you?

Yes, we will need to discuss the specific product to determine the best way to maintain the functionality you have today.

Why RCMtoGo?

Why RCMtoGO?
  • Strong athenahealth professional relationships & partnerships
  • Deep aIDX-GM experience, both technical and application
  • 120+ years of experience in health care
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Redundant hosting centers located in diverse geographic areas
  • RCMtoGO helps you keep your focus on efficiency and profitability