Full Service Revenue Cycle Management,  Revenue Enhancement Solutions, and Hosting Services for Healthcare Organizations

Our specialty is Revenue Cycle Management, focusing on operational excellence, revenue enhancement, managed services, and hosting.

We are experts at utilizing athenaIDX for Group Management (aIDX-GM) which we operate and host at multiple data centers.

Our tailored solutions include (but are not limited to) enterprise backup & disaster recovery, 24/7 support services, AIX cloud services, VPN connectivity, proactive system monitoring, HIPAA compliance, & other related services!

Menu of Services

Revenue Cycle Management Consulting & Managed Services

RCMtoGO grew out of the success of our founding organization, KPG Revenue Cycle Management. With over 120 years of revenue cycle management expertise, our team brings passion and knowledge to assist clients in resolving a wide-range of challenges facing medical practices every day.

The KPG RCM team delivers a broad range of services that are 100% US-based to medical group and billing customers encompassing all of the aspects of managing a practice.  From the initial implementation or migration of your Practice Management system to the all-important contact with the patient to the collection of the final dollar, we work with each client to address and improve the people, processes and technology that impact the whole Revenue Cycle.

Whether you are looking to improve your best practices, outsource your billing operation within the United States, or to improve upon any number of the operations in between, we will help you maximize your operation in the following key areas:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Payer Contract Management
  • Physician Compensation
  • Risk Management Assessments
  • Anesthesiology, Multispecialty, Billing Services
  • A/R Rundown
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Practice Management and EMR Implementations
  • Systems Migration and Archival

Our “ROGO” solution is a unique managed services solution in which we use athenaIDX for Group Management to manage daily operations for multiple organizations.  Here, we also provide A la Carte and Full Service Billing solutions as well as long term Archival Services as well.

Revenue Enhancement Services

Revenue Enhancement is really all about finding and recovering money that you may not even know you are losing.  We utilize our analytics and revenue cycle expertise to identify any missed revenue opportunities and create a Revenue Enhancement Action Plan to not only recover current revenue but also to minimize lost revenue in the future.

We don’t just “point you in the right direction”, we roll up our sleeves during a limited engagement period and actively help you! Our team of revenue cycle experts work with you to recover previously lost collections as far as managed care contracts allow.  Additionally, we will optimize your practice management system setups where needed, review & track the claim submission and rejections files to minimize future denials, and we will train your team on needed “tips and tricks” techniques to aid in increasing your collections long term.

Nobody is perfect and almost every organization leaves money on the table every month.  We will help you find it, determine what can be collected, and help collect it.   The biggest benefit to increased revenue is in how you can better server your patients, whether through new services, additional facilities, more resources, or in dozens of other ways.  In the end, we will not just help you recapture what was thought to be lost revenue, but we will also help you avoid those loses in the future before we end our engagement together.

athenaIDX for Group Management Hosting Services

In 2019, RCMtoGO launched an exclusive private cloud style hosting service for aIDX-GM clients.  Through key innovations like launching a virtualized AIX platform, RCMtoGO created the first AIX environment where multiple clients of athenahealth can run their own license of athenaIDX for Group Management without requiring a dedicated hardware instance.

In 2021, RCMtoGO partnered with athenahealth to offer this service directly to aIDX-GM clients through the team at athenahealth.  For years we have maintained a close, collaborative technical relationship with athenahealth to create a seamless process for implementation and support.  Through our sister organization, KPG Revenue Cycle Management, and their ROGO solution, we are also a client of athenahealth – not just business partners.  So, now, aIDX-GM clients can access RCMtoGO’s hosting services directly through communication with their Customer Services and/or Sales contacts at athenahealth!

Key Features:

Hosting Facilities
We utilize the TechVault, Inc., a HIPAA, PCI, DSS and SSAE-16 compliant facility in Burlington, VT. (http://www.techvault.net/). This is our primary facility for hosting aIDX-GM.

Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery
One of the major reasons for moving to a hosted environment is the security provided in a data center environment. Security from natural disasters and, not-so natural disasters! With our established data centers located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Burlington, VT, we can be confident of the lack of natural disasters. However, there are also those unforeseen situations, and like insurance, you want to have the backup. With the addition of the TechVault facility this year, RCMtoGO has redundant capabilities for disaster recovery and operational security “just in case”.

RCMtoGO will transfer your daily Group Management backup to an external storage server that provides redundant and encrypted storage for your athenaIDX data. Up to 14 days of daily backups are kept, ensuring that should the need arise, your data can be restored.

RCMtoGO can also customize a backup schedule to meet your specific requirements.

24/7 Support Services
RCMtoGO acts as an extension of your IT organization by integrating with your support process in a secure-reliable and cost-effective manner. Our 24/7 Service and Network Support Team is available to manage hardware issues and escalate the issue to the appropriate team member. All support is handled within the continental United States.

AIX Cloud Services (IBM System pSeries)
RCMtoGO provides you with an IBM AIX Cloud Hosting environment supported by knowledgeable AIX professionals. The servers are on the most current version of AIX and upgrade to maintain synchronicity with athenaIDX for Group Management. Our servers are expandable to provide flexibility to our clients as they grown and want to add processor, memory and/or disk capacity as needed.

VPN Connectivity to RCMtoGO Cloud
RCMtoGO works with you and your IT support to establish a VPN to the RCMtoGO Cloud Hosting centers. If you do not have internal IT support, RCMtoGO can provide that service. RCMtoGO has an active watch service that runs 24/7 to monitor our servers and to ensure the level of encryption in the transfer of data meets and/or exceeds compliance requirements.

Proactive System Monitoring and Performance Assessments
RCMtoGO monitors the availability and health of client servers 24/7. With a proactive approach we can identify performance issues early, research the problem and provide course correction as required. RCMtoGO is also able to identify when additional hardware resources are required and will contact the client to discuss options and costs associated with the solutions.

athenaIDX for Group Management Archival Services

Because of our experience working with athenaIDX for Group Management, and our unique technology platforms and our reporting expertise, RCMtoGO is the PERFECT solution for archiving your aIDX-GM databases!

Should you ever be subject to an audit, there is no better way to defend your business practices than by using your original data and the system on which it was originally created.  We will install your aIDX-GM databases on our shared ROGO platform and maintain those databases to remain operational as new versions of the software and databases in aIDX-GM are released.  Even though your team’s expertise with aIDX-GM will no longer be current, you can utilize our resources for any standard or custom reporting needed and to help with any deeper analyses required to understand how and why certain transactions may have occurred.   This methodology is so much better than relying upon data converted to SQL or other database technologies wherein you lose the inherent ability to access the data as it was created and maintained.

An additional advantage of our archival solution is that should you decide to return to utilizing aIDX-GM in your operation, your archived data will be ready to install so you have full access to your transactional history.  You might be surprised how often this occurs because of the strength of the aIDX-GM tools!  Also, you will have a ready-built resource in RCMtoGO to assist with implementation, training, or even operation of the system, upon your request, of course.

When the time comes to decommission your data after 7-10 years, however, prior to de-installing your databases, you have the option of us exporting it to SQL for your own safekeeping.

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