athenahealth THRIVE SUMMIT 2022

We are excited to be attending and speaking at the Thrive Summit in Austin TX this year!  It is going to be great seeing old friends and colleagues, and hopefully making new friends along the way.  Our President, Kathy Puziak, is presenting on an important subject for everyone who is utilizing athenaIDX for Group Management:

October 26, 2022 at 1:00pm to 1:45pm

“How to manage Takebacks, Overpayment Recovery, Recoups in athenaIDX for Group Management” (GM-009)

Practices tend to accept what the payer requests because they believe it is (a) easier to pay than appeal; (b) assume they owe the requested return; and/or (c) insert your own reason! However, takebacks do not need to be a time consuming effort. Being organized in the process of reviewing requests from the payer for takebacks and determine whether we really have an obligation. In this session we will review the art of managing takebacks; learn what federal and state laws are in place to help us in working with payers; and how to respond to payers to a successful resolution.


RCMtoGO at Thrive 2022

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