Operating an Eating Disorder treatment facility is one of the easiest and simplest businesses for generating high revenues with few losses and no risk … said nobody EVER!  We know all too well accepting different insurances means accepting different rules for each payer and managing the bureaucracy of each.  Besides delivering quality patient care, you also must be very adept at customer service today, providing education, being a counselor, negotiating single case agreements, and often extending special payment terms to assist with the patient’s financial responsibilities.  On any given day, you must be a doctor, nurse, psychologist, lawyer, behavioral therapist, counselor, accountant, technologist, collector … all rolled into one!  Often, in the end, the facility suffers financially from all these burdens, little oversights, mistakes, and even forgiveness which all adds up quickly!

The most often used phrase is “leaving money on the table”.  In healthcare’s case, this is all too literal.  Revenue enhancement opportunities are often right before your eyes, within your current patient volume.

Case Study Overview:

One organization operating multiple facilities across 5 states was astounded that they went from “doing pretty well” at $23M in annual revenue to over $53M per year in 15 months utilizing our methodology!  Working with RCMtoGO, we will help you find and collect lost revenue and help to ensure you don’t miss these revenue enhancement opportunities ever again.

Ask yourself these three questions …

  1. Am I ABSOLUTELY sure we are not losing out on hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars from our existing patient services?
  2. What could we to help more people do if we you could recapture significant dollars without increasing our current spend?

Could we pay someone just a percentage of the lost cash collected for a short period of time and permanently increase our cash collections in the future?